Sheyn Vases

Sheyn. Tiny architecture for home.

The future of architecture can fit in the smallest room of your apartment. For decades, avant-garde architects have fussed over the tiniest details of furniture and fixtures. But this obsession with designing for the smallest spaces has now collided with the democratization of modern technologies like open-source 3D modeling and printing to produce a new kind of architecture that can fit in the palm of your hand, or the corner of your coffee table. Join us in one of the biggest growing fields in the world – smallness.

Sheyn Fald 104g VaseSheyn Fald 104g Vase
Sheyn Fald 104g Vase
Sale priceDhs. 235.00
Sheyn Bloz 350g VaseSheyn Bloz 350g Vase
Sheyn Bloz 350g Vase
Sale priceDhs. 515.00
Sheyn Dorn 341g VaseSheyn Dorn 341g Vase
Sheyn Dorn 341g Vase
Sale priceDhs. 475.00
Sheyn Hoyt 204g VaseSheyn Hoyt 204g Vase
Sheyn Hoyt 204g Vase
Sale priceDhs. 435.00
Sheyn Kolner 187g VaseSheyn Kolner 187g Vase
Sheyn Kolner 187g Vase
Sale priceDhs. 235.00
Sheyn Zayl 137g VaseSheyn Zayl 137g Vase
Sheyn Zayl 137g Vase
Sale priceDhs. 195.00
Sheyn Bloz 144g VaseSheyn Bloz 144g Vase
Sheyn Bloz 144g Vase
Sale priceDhs. 235.00